Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The beginning of my new life.

Happy days on my first trip to Disneyland before my Brain Haemorrhage hit me. 

To This after a few months in a coma.

On the floor in the Children's Hospital as my seizures kept throwing me from my bed.

As I was on the floor if any nurses need a break they would come and chill on my bed. Smooth Right????

Every few days I was put in new plasters on both feet to stop the intense foot drop. My physios had to work hard to straighten my foot. This is the lady I challenged to a ski race. At at this time I was learning how to talk again. 

After another surgery on my left arm they started to straighten it out. Like my feet it took a lot of plasters to get it working again.

This little kid had terminal Brain Cancer and refused to be fed by anyone but me in his final weeks.

Hanging out with a student physio in the physio Room. Every day was like ground hog day.

This was my friend over the ward. Nice kid but slept all the time I just thought???

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  1. Hi there Adam, just thought I'd comment that I any time I am feeling as though life is a bit of a struggle I can look at this and it helps me find some inspiration, Di